Paralegal is Children Champion

Sue Allen, a New Hampshire paralegal with 25 years of experience has been nominated as a Champion of Children according to this report. Her list of accomplishments and activites on behalf of children is indeed extensive. What caught my attention most was how many of those activities and accomplishments involved utilization of paralegal skills, even though she did not use them in the context of law.

Ms. Allen served on the Elementary Building Committee “dealing with deadlines.” She then moved onto the School Board where she “helped with negotiations.” Others are not so explicit but each of the activities clearly required use of her organizational, communication, people management, analyzing, prioritizin, planning, and other skills that are part of the typical professional paralegal’s toolkit.

Congratulations to Ms. Allen for the volunteer work she has done for children and for showing the paralegal profession in its best light.

As an aside, all this work and networking cannot but have helped her employer’s business. So the law office’s bottom line is improved by more than the simple utilization of her skills at the office. Perhaps this is one reason why she has been at the same firm for 25 years. I suspect there have been times when Ms. Allen’s outside activities have seeped into the office and interfered with her job activities. The smart law office recognizes the beneficial tradeoff and the good for the community, and encourages rather than discourages this type of volunteer commitment.

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