Tell Comedy Central: Paralegals are more important than ants.

I happened to catch the Colbert Report repeat last night and saw that Colbert was interviewing an author who had written a book about ants. That’s right – ants. Of course, I immediately began thinking, “Hey, paralegals are more important than ants. Colbert should interview an author (me) who can explain how paralegals can solve many access to justice issues and maybe even clarify who paralegals are for the benefit of the likes of John Stossel.” 

So I decided to take a page from Colbert’s playbook and create a groundswell of demand by having every paralegal in America recruit three friends to join them in demanding that the Colbert Report interview such an author (me). I set out to get the “contact us” link for Comedy Central to give to you so you could be on the front line of this massive grassroots movement. Unfortunately, I could not find such a link.

The next step was to go to Comedy Central’s “Help/FAQ.”  There I found a link for their “viewer feedback form.” Unfortunately clicking the link simply brought me back to the page rather than a form. But there was another link for “website feedback” I could use to tell them there was a problem with their “viewer feedback form” link. Unfortunately that link does not work either.

At this point you are likely to be thinking “Doesn’t this guy have anything he’s supposed to be doing?” The answer is “Yes,” so I’ll have to leave the ground swell to you until finals are all done and graded. Most likely paralegals will be better at solving the contact Comedy Central riddle than I anyway.

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