New Hampshire Bar Association Recognizes Paralegal Professionalism

Each year the NH Bar Association presents its Paralegal Award. The NHBA Paralegal Professionalism Award is presented annually to the nominee who best exhibits a high degree of professionalism, which includes: having an outstanding level of knowledge about his/her job; having motivation that exceeds expectations; is considered a role model for other paralegals; and promotes paralegal work as a profession. Nominations for this year’s award closed on August 1. It will be awarded on September 18 at the New Hampshire Paralegal Association’s Annual Meeting. Last year the NHPA’s vice-president, Aniko Bouley was honored with this Award.

In addition,New Hampshire’s Governor John Lynch has declared the third week in September, “Paralegal Week.”

According to the New Hampshire Bar Association, “The purpose of the governor’s declaration is to remind employers to recognize the contributions and the dedication of their paralegals. In busy work environments, people tend to take for granted the hard work done by paralegals. These professionals assist in providing high-quality legal representation to clients by ensuring accurate work content and making other overall contributions to the legal team.”

If you are aware of other states or bar association that recognize paralegal professionalism, please let me know. You can comment to this post or email me at

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