Ohio Paralegal Day

Monday, May 17th,  is Paralegal Day in Ohio by proclamation of the governor. It is being celebrated by paralegal associations and educational institutions across the state (“Ohio “Paralegal Day’ 2010″ in just about any general search engine is likely to hit a location near you if you are in Ohio).  One such celebration in Columbus is an all-day joint venture of the Paralegal Association of Central Ohio and the Columbus Bar Association featuring, ” speakers on legal topics, writing skills, resumes and interview techniques and webinars on software programs …[and]… the annual Paralegal Day Luncheon with a hot buffet … featuring Honorable Kimberly S. Cocroft, Franklin County Common Pleas Court, as the keynote speaker.” 

While reviewing the notice of this event I noticed this on the Columbus Bar Association’s site: 

Paralegals are invited to become joint members of the Columbus Bar and the Paralegal Association of Central Ohio (PACO). As associate members of the Bar, paralegals can benefit from the educational and networking opportunities offered by participation in Columbus Bar meetings, events, and programs.

I am aware of and have posted about other states with proclaimed paralegal days, and one other bar association that provides for paralegal membership. I’m sure my list of states with proclaimed days is incomplete and I hope there are  more bar associations that include paralegals in their membership. If you are aware of a state with proclaimed paralegal days or other bar associations with paralegal members, please let me know. Both are signficant steps forward in the quest for appropriate recognition of paralegals as a profession.

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