Six Word Challenge – The Paralegal Mix posts this challenge for lawyers:

A recent call in the blogosphere for readers to provide six-word descriptions of tax practice has made us wonder: How can law practice, in general, be described in six words?

A few possibilities come to mind: Pass bar. Get job. Make partner. Or perhaps, in these tough economic times, Pass bar. Hang shingle. Get clients.

Readers, surely you can think of other six-word descriptions that are edgier, wittier or simply a more accurate snapshot of law practice. Tell us your six-word descriptions of law practice in the comments section at the bottom of this post, and await possible accolades (or jeers) from your colleagues.

To paraphrase the challenge for this blog: Reader, surely you can think of six-word descriptions of the paralegal profession.  Your suggestions are welcome in comments or in email at

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