Logic can be fun.

A little Friday humor today from the Paralegal Hell blog. Actually given that it will strike some many of you as a snipet of reality, it may not seem humorous at first, but remember professional paralegals will see humor whereever it can be found, thus making them and their careers much more pleasant. The blog post poses this as a test of logic:

I worked with an attorney at Litigation firm that is smart. A pain in the ass most days, but very smart.  This attorney used to abuse the staff and didn’t care. (I swear, Friday afternoon 4:45, he will bring you a 500 pages of documents he wants Bates Stamped and copied.  And there are staples every 5 pages. )
This attorney loves to go to trial. Probably because he was bullied in school, so he gets to make up for it in the courtroom.  Because he made lots of money for the firm, he was usually handed the tough cases and was in court most of the time (when he wasn’t in the office being a total bitch).  He was set for a new trial, which took place about 50 miles away from our firm. 
The  morning of the third day at trial, he spills coffee on his suit. Which of the following is a logical conclusion that can follow the situation above?
(A) He sends it out for dry cleaning at his hotel that has a 24/7 cleaning service.
(B) He buys another suit.
(C) He just wears the same suit he did the day before.
(D) He asks his wife to FedEx him another suit.
(E) He calls  Paralegal and says “I spilled coffee on my suit. I need you to drive 50 miles and bring me another suit. Tonight.”

You all know the correct answer from experience. Check out the post for the logic.

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