Keeping the attorney/paralegal relationship professional – Follow up and updated

A short while ago I used the matter of attorney Tom Ostely and paralegal Allison Moreno to illustrate one of the many dangers of crossing the line between professional and personal intimacy between attorneys and paralegals. Today reports that the jury has spoken in that matter awarding the lawyer $1.55 million in a defamation counterclaim against the paralegal who sued him for sexual harassment. The jury is now considering punitive damages. According to the report, the defamation claim accused Moreno of telling co-workers at a legal clinic where she worked part time that Ostly was a sexual predator.

The moral of the story, of course, is to keep intimacy on the legal team professional.

Just finished reading a great post on this story from Lynee DeVenny at Practical Paralegalism. No way to do it justice with a summary or excerpt, so go read it here.

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