Australian for “Paralegal”

Most of us are familiar with the commercials for an Australian beer that work off the premise that words take on a different (often odd) meaning there because the people are heartier than elsewhere. An article in The Sun seems to give some credence to that concept under the headline “Pole Dancer in OX Elections:”

A STRIPPER is adding some much needed glamour to the Aussie elections — by trying to get the Sex Party into the country’s senate.
The 27-year-old’s campaign kicks off next week but she has already been out and about trying to generate support. And by the looks of these pictures [there’s a remarkable video]— she’s not going to have to try very hard.

The human rights specialist, who hopes to represent New South Wales, said: “So far, I’ve been handing out condoms along with instructions about how to vote. I’ve also been doing some dancing on street poles to show people what I can do.”

Marianne has also been a life model for artists, a trapeze artist, fire twirler and a burlesque performer. And the brainy beauty has been a paralegal at a top Sydney law firm for the past two years. [Emphasis added]

While Marianne may be brainy and certainly has a number of talents the last I checked neither pole dancing nor fire twirling were on the topic list for any paralegal certification test. One wonders what her paralegal qualification are. Perhaps, it’s just a matter of this being Australian for “paralegal.”  Maybe in Australia, as in the United States, just about anyone can call themselves a paralegal, not always serving the paralegal profession well.

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