Writing Wrong

My last post related to using or disregarding grammar rules in order to communicate clearly. This evening I ran across these headlines for the same story. While headlines are not like real writing, a certain amount of clarity (which means thinking about what you are writing) is still required. Which of these three do you think most accurately represents the story:

Mother of 4-year-old Marchella Pierce, found dead and weighing just 15 pounds, arrested for assault. (Wow, the child’s mother weighed 15 pound, was found dead, and was stillcharged with assault!) New York Daily News.

Mother of underweight child found dead charged with assault (I’m actually surprised that the New York Post is a bit better than the New York Daily News.) New York Post.

Brooklyn Mother Charged In Connection With Underweight Daughter’s Death NY1

A sad story no matter how you look at it, but it does at least deserve intelligible writing.

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