When to Breach Confidentiality

I often wonder how Lynne DeVenny at Practical Paralegalism can find the time to post at all much less to be on the quantity and quality roll she has been on for the past couple of months. (In addition to everything else, Vicki Voison, The Paralegal Mentor, reports that Law Crossing has chosen Lynne as its Legal Staff Member of the Week.) I generally have no problem writing about a topic already covered in another blog, if I feel I can add to the topic. Unfortunately when Lynne posts on a topic, there’s seldom much that can be said that she has not already said. Also unfortunately she frequently gets to the best topics before I do.

In this case, she gotten the scope on a story that originates right here in Oxford, MS: “A news story out of Oxford, Mississippi illustrates one of the rare times that a lawyer or paralegal can reveal a client confidence: to prevent reasonably certain death or substantial bodily harm. Rule 1.6, ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.” The post is entitled, “What Happens When your Client Threatens to Blow up a Government Agency.” You can read the whole post by clicking the link. I’ll be using it for ethics instruction for sure.

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  • Bob, I’m honored that you mentioned Practical Paralegalism and this particular post. It was such a short news story – I felt like the real story was the unwritten account about what the legal assistant and the law firm had to do. And I found myself turning the situation over in my mind, wondering what I’d do if I found myself in the legal assistant’s position and took a call like that.

    As far as how I find the time, I’m a news addict – and the mom of teenagers. When my world is a little crazy, I find it relaxing to read and dissect the news. There are so many things that you and Vicki Voisin do much better than I do, that I find my blog and my writing evolving even after almost two years of trial and error. We all have our unique voices and hopefully, will continue to complement one another and provide valuable and interesting online resources for paralegals and students.

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