No life plan? Kill time as a paralegal.

There’s a website that begins the discussion of paralegals with

So you’re finishing college and your life plans don’t extend much beyond dinner. Join the club. If you wanna kill some time before applying to grad school or just make enough money to avoid moving in with your parents, you should consider working as a paralegal for a few years, because if you have a college degree and decent grades, you’re qualified to be an entry-level paralegal.

Admittedly the site does distinguish between this kind of “time-killing” paralegal and career paralegals, declaring:

Some paralegal positions require a paralegal certificate, a diploma you get after taking an accredited course in paralegal studies . But these certificates, and the positions that require them, are mostly for people who wish to be career paralegals  So don’t fear — there are plenty of positions available for recent college grads that don’t require a paralegal certificate. And we’re going to tell you how to get those jobs. (If you wish to be a career paralegal, check out American Bar Association for more info.)



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