Should NY follow Florida in order to protect banks?

The first is an article in the New York Public Policy Examiner that asks, “Should Paralegals be required to register with The New York State bar?” The article answers the question affirmatively, suggesting that New York follow Florida’s example (an example which may soon change as Florida is now considering a substantial revision of its program. The writer makes his case in part though based on a concern for fairness for banks that write student loans for paralegal degree students, claiming that hiring non-degreed persons “betrays” those banks! A slightly more valid point is “Employers in the State of New York have a hard time understanding what the law considers as “qualified.” In fact, it’s so troublesome, that many employers are sued for discrimination when they overlook an individual’s qualifications. Although a paralegal is not required to register in the State of Florida, employers can determine a paralegal’s qualifications from their registration with The Florida Bar.” However, most employers of paralegals are attorneys and frankly they should know how to determine whether a potential employee has the necessary qualifications.

The more I study the paralegal profession, the more I come to believe some sort of regulatory scheme would help the paralegal profession, the public, and the legal system, as can be seen from many posts here. (See the “Regulation, Certification and Licensing” category. I’m not ready to sign onto paralegal legal registration as a means of protecting banks and attorneys.

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