A retired paralegal stands up

An interesting story out of Lexington, Kentucky, reports on a retired paralegal who is using his knowledge and experience to clarify reporting regarding an adoption dispute. The adoption dispute itself must be agonizing for all concerned and is not the topic of this post. Rather, it is the paralegal:

David Houston was a paralegal for 32 years who has worked on Ohio adoption cases. He started digging into court records after hearing this one still wasn’t settled after three years and said things are being mis-reported.

I do not know why David decided to become involved in this matter so I also won’t comment on his involvment itself. The point for me is simply that this story illustrates so of the abilities of paralegals. It appears David was able to look at the news reports critically and determine something was wrong. He then used his investigative, research, and analytical skills to determine what was wrong and provide the correct information in a usable and understandable format. It also appears that this action was self-initiated.

Of course, I’m drawing my conclusions from a news report which could be wrong or misleading. If so, perhaps David or another astute paralegal will locate and provide the correct information!

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