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OK, I know nothing about California Family Law, California Lawyers (other than one that was my roommate and good friend as an undergrad back in the 1970’s.) So why I am featuring this announcement here? The author’s publisher is also my publisher, Lynne DeVenney’s (Practical Paralegalism),   Workers Compensation for Paralegals, publisher,  so I assume it must be good! Also, I’ve used other Carolina Academic Press books as textbooks for my classes with much success – presently teaching a National Security Law course based on CAP’s National Security Law. Anyway, if you are a California paralegal with any interest in California Family Law, my bet is that this is worth checking out:

California Family Law Paralegal Book has been released by Dianna L. Noyes for Carolina Academic Press Publisher in 632 pages.

The California Family Law Paralegal is today’s method for students and entry level paralegals to learn the theory and practice of their profession within the specific framework of California laws. This comprehensive book covers the nuts and bolts of family law practice using a balanced approach of theory and application. It is the most current, up-to-date textbook available on the market today. The book includes practical exhibits and examples, as well as current societal changes and cutting edge issues that affect California’s families today. Step-by-step guidance in preparing California Judicial Council forms, motions and pleadings for dissolution and other family law matters are a major focus of this book. The book allows the reader to become familiar with the statutes, case law, local rules and regulations that apply to California family law matters and document preparation.

This textbook is intended for students and entry level paralegals who have already completed or are familiar with basic Legal Terminology, Ethics, Legal Research and Writing, and the legal process. The text provides a sample case study, including an imaginary client, case history, relevant information, and legal theory, to complete the dissolution process: start-to-finish. The case study will give the paralegal practical experience in completing the judicial council forms and assisting the attorney in resolving other issues.

Dianna L. Noyes, RP (aka Dianna L. Smiley) is a graduate of CSU, Sacramento, with a degree in Criminal Justice. She received her paralegal certificate from the University of California, Davis and has been a practicing paralegal for over 14 years. Her expertise is primarily in the areas of Family Law, Probate, Estate Planning, and Social Security. Dianna has taught Family Law for over nine years at MTI College, as well as having taught a number of continuing education courses.

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