Paralegals Outrank Lawyers and Judges

I little while back I did a post discussing (or avoiding discussing) the relative stress levels of being a paralegal compared to being a judge. Stress is just one of the factors used in a new job ranking reported on According to the report, “A paralegal job outranks lawyer in a new rating of 200 jobs by a career website,” beating both lawyers (#82) and judges (#53). The list, provided by, ranks based on five criteria: physical demands, work environment, income, outlook and stress.

 ABA  also states: lists an income figure for each job that is based on estimated midlevel income and income growth potential. For paralegal, the income score is $47,153. For lawyer, it is $113,211. The website also lists a hiring outlook that is based on expected employment growth, income growth potential and unemployment data. For paralegal, the hiring outlook is 23.53, while for lawyer it is 10.11.

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