Pro Bono Benefits

I’ve posted here previously on the benefits of doing pro bono paralegal work, i.e., volunteering. In a recent report regarding a Chicago area legal aid group, a paralegal volunteer sums it up quite well:

Wendy Dávila, a three-year CGLA volunteer, takes the time out of her busy schedule as a full-time paralegal to help CGLA as interpreter for Spanish speaking potential clients. She finds great satisfaction in helping the community.

“Giving back is one of the biggest satisfactions, at least to me,” Dávila said. “I do it because it comes from the heart and it makes me feel good. I don’t expect anything in return.” Dávila said working with CGLA has not only helped Chicagoans in need–it has helped her personally as well.

“…You develop new friendships, gain important skills and experiences that will help later in life. You also build confidence and self-esteem, make connections that can lead to a job or career and most important[ly], [are satisfied by] getting things done and helping others.”From family and housing law to criminal defense, CGLA wants all residents to know their options.

And it helps meet ethical requirements!

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