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Barbara Liss was kind enough to send me a copy of the Santa Barbara Paralegal Association’s February, 2011 issue of its newsletter, “Law In Motion,” mainly because it contained a re-print of a post I made on this blog. I learned several things from the newsletter:

(1) I ought to proofread my posts better. Unfortunately they are frequently done “one the run” squeezed in between classes or cocktails. Often I re-read them later when linking to them for a new post and wince! For awhile a reader was informally monitoring my posts and emailing me regarding typos and the like, but I have not heard from her in awhile. The lack of admonitions from her is clearly not because the errors have stopped. So if there is anyone out there that wants to take on the task, please feel free to email me pointing out errors and omissions.

(2) My “About” page was woefully out of date. I’ve updated it, but I’m a lawyer, educator,  and author, not a webmaster or marketing person, so any and all suggestions are welcome.

(3) SBPA appears to be a very good professional association. The newletter itself goes well beyond just informing the members of upcoming events. This issue include my comments, an excellent piece by Lynne Devenny, and information from a book by Carole Bruno.  The 2011 calendar shows a robust group with CLE, community service, and social events, including at least one done in conjunction with the Bar.  Here’s a bit of advice for the members from the President that I’m sure must be repeated by every officer of every association, so I’ll include it here:

As always, the success of each of these events depends upon the membership of the SBPA and each member’s willingness to help out. As I have reiterated so many times in the past, the organization is only as strong as its membership. We need your support which translates into “warm bodies” doing much of the work, so please contact any of the board members to express your willingness to assist.

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