Pew PR: Paralegal Promoted

Many things have to come together for the paralegal profession to gain a solid identity. One area of which we are seeing more recently is law firms publicly recognizing the role and value of paralegals in their firms. The Pew Law Center in Phoenix, Arizona, clearly sees the value of a newly promoted paralegal, but also sees the PR value to the firm as well as the value of educating the public as to what a paralegal’s role is on the legal team. This lead-in from a recent PR release from The Pew Law Center illustrates the point: MESA, ARIZONA, February 21, 2011 — The Pew Law Center, PLLC has named Jane Cauthen lead paralegal for the firm’s Phoenix office. Cauthen, who has been with the Pew Law Center as a staff paralegal since 2009, works with the firm’s attorneys in assisting clients who are filing for bankruptcy in Arizona, including chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcies, chapter 13 protection, foreclosures, car repossession, credit issues, tax problems and all issues involving Arizona bankruptcy law.

Cauthen is a native of Pima, Arizona and moved to Phoenix in 2003.

Lawrence “D” Pew Esq., managing bankruptcy attorney at the Pew Law Center, says Cauthen is a valuable member of the Phoenix office team.

“Her energy and dedication to her work earned Ms. Cauthen this promotion,” Pew said. “We are fortunate to have her as a member of our team.”

Cauthen’s responsibilities include research, drafting documents and legal reports, and assisting Pew’s bankruptcy and debt relief attorneys in trial preparation.

The legal profession in general, the paralegal portion of that profession,  the law firms publicly recognizing the value of paralegals in their firm and the public will all benefit from doing so. I look forward to more.

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