Jouben on Status of Regulation in Florida

Among the many people not doing nothing while I’ve been otherwise engage is Elona Jouben who passed on an email dated 05/30 stating, “The effort to regulate paralegals in Florida was voted down by the PEC at last Thursday’s meeting in Key West. No changes to the current program were made and so the voluntary registered paralegal program will continue.” Elona reports this as “good news.” Of course, not everyone agrees with her assessment, but it should be noted that Elona wrote her thesis for her Masters Degree at George Washington University on the topic entitling it, “Compulsory Regulation of Florida Paralegals is Unnecessary.” She also provided a written response to the February 22, 2011 Report of the [Florida Bar] Special Committee to Study Mandatory Paralegal Regulation. There are two important points here:
(1) Whether you agree with Elona’s position or not, her efforts to analyze the issue, articulate and advance her position, illustrate the professionalism that we would like to be exhibited by all paralegals. Each member of the profession should be in the thick of this issue, analyzing, writing, discussing, and advocating for the position that feel will best benefit the profession.
(2) Elona’s thesis, with minimal editing, is included in The Empowered Paralegal Professionalism Anthology that I just finished editing and indexing, along with several other well-thought-out position papers on this issue.
Fortunately, the pre-publication reviews for the Anthology and for Elona’s article have been quite good, including this:

“This anthology delivers on the title’s promise: it is a thought-provoking compilation of issues facing paralegals today and a challenge to individual paralegals to embody professionalism as the profession itself grows and develops.”

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