Why an Attorney Should Hire a Paralegal

Linda McGrath Cruz has posted her reasons on the Know: The Magazine for Paralegals”LinkedIn group board:

•Frees up attorney time to handle more complex cases and serve more clients.

•Allows the attorney to accept a large volume of cases thereby increasing revenue.
•Paralegals can perform quality legal services to the client at a lower cost to the client.
•Allows the attorney to market his or her legal services as being progressive and efficient.
•The paralegal is generally available to meet with the clients when the attorney is unavailable or when the attorney’s presence is not necessary.
•Allows more time for the attorney to meet mandatory continuing education requirements and to keep abreast of new or repealed laws and reported cases.
•Allows the attorney to accept pro bono cases or represent clients or to represent clients in noteworthy cases.

Elizabeth Stallings added this:

Paralegals frequently play a large role in ensuring that deadlines are met on a timely basis.
Clients sometimes feel more comfortable communicating with paralegals because paralegals can cut through legal jargon and express ideas in a way that those unfamiliar with the law can understand.

Linda and I both ask, “What do you think? Do you have other ideas to add?”

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  • Ellen Wright says:

    In my personal experience, a paralegal was far more emphatic and understanding than the attorney had time to be. His time was titanium-hers was gold. While still being absolutely professional, she had more time to give me, more personal resources to invest, and was more accessible by far.

    As a former colleague of mine once put it-“I paint in broad strokes, while she fills in the details.” That pretty much sums it up.

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