The Case for Pro Bono Work

I like to emphasize the benefits of volunteering to the paralegal performing the service, the paralegal profession, and the community. (See the “Volunteering” category. Each aspect of this trilogy could well use a post of its own. I’m going to take a shortcut on the first courtesy of  which has a very good post entitled, “The Case for Pro Bono Work.” While the post is intended for lawyers, each of the points made applies directly to paralegal or can apply with very little modification – modification well within the capacity of a competent paralegal.

The post deals with three primary areas of personal benefit offered by pro bono work:

Professional Development
Improve client relationship abilities
Good, clean fun

I’d add that it satisfies the ethical obligations required by codes governing both attorneys and paralegals, as well as person and religious codes. Check out the lawerist post and the Volunteering category here for more on the benefits of pro bono work.

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  • I am a huge proponent of pro bono work. Legal professionals have a unique opportunity to help those in need because of our knowledge of the law, the court system etc. I work in civil litigation, but I volunteer in criminal law as a Volunteer Victim and Witness Advocate. It gives me a break from my usual work as well as experience in a new area of law.

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