What is a Paralegal? More than just a skill set.

One of the categories here is “What is a Paralegal?” It’s a question that has received many answers on this blog. Lisa DiMonte provides a link on the KNOW, The Magazine for Paralegals Linkedin Group discussion board to a good statement by Neal Huffman on the Aurora Community College Faculty and Staff Blog pointing out that the paralegal is more than just a person with a particular set of skills”

Then in terms of a career, three things about being a paralegal which transcend skill are the professional attributes, specialization possibilities, and life-long learning a paralegal enjoys in their vocation. These elements heighten the feeling of belonging in a meaningful, satisfying career path, as well as, exemplify a rewarding, challenging job that evolves accordingly.

Neal deals with each of these three areas more fully in the post, so check it out.

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