Paralegal Certification Colorado

There is proliferation of website proporting to give information about paralegal careers, educational opportunities, and the like. Unfortunately some, even if well-intentioned, ought not to be relied upon by anyone. For example, one such site (no, I will not give a name or link) states, “Obtaining paralegal certification in Colorado is relatively simple witih some excellent community college and degree programs available to those seeking a paralegal qualification.” Aside from the poor proofreading and editing (yes, I expect more from this type of website than I do of a blog), this is quite misleading and contributes to the general confusion regarding the distinction between obtaining a paralegal certificate and getting paralegal certification.

I do not believe that Colorado as a state requires or provides for certification of paralegals. (Please feel free to forward me the information if I am wrong on this.) In any case, this website provides no information on paralegal certification either as it pertains to Colorado or to certification exams offered by NFPA or NALA. Rather they offer some, not really helpful information regarding some paralegal programs that provide paralegal certificates and degrees.

Bottom line – if you want to know about paralegal education go to a well-established, respected source such as the American Association for Paralegal Education. (Disclosure: I am on the Board of Directors) Likewise for paralegal certification: check the websites for NFPA, NALA, and comparable professional associations. FMI: Check out The Paralegal Professionalism Anthology.

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  • Jessica says:

    Hi there, I was just wondering if you knew what the requirements for Colorado was. I can’t seem to find an answer, currently I’m enrolled to earn my Associates in Paralegal Studies at an online school, but it isn’t ABA approved. So I was trying to find out what certificate or exam I would need to take after I’m done with my Associates degree.

    Thank you!

  • R. E. Mongue says:

    According to the most recent information I can find from the Colorado Bar Association there is currently no form of credentialing required in Colorado. There are several certification exams conducted by national paralegal associations such as NFPA, NALA, and NALS. You should check out the requirements for each and decide which one works best for you.

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