Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone

A lot has happened during my recent period of incapacitation. I doubt I’ll be able to catch up on it all, but should be at least post more regularly for awhile. One development I do want to mention is the return of Melissa to her Paralegalese blog. Interestingly, the return seems to have been precipitated by a message from her former  boss in which he acknowledges that “But, 22 months later (and moving on to my 5th paralegal since she left, by the way), I could not shake the feeling that I never properly said goodbye, or how much Melissa was appreciated while she was here (and even worse, how much she was unintentionally underappreciated).” I feel this is all too often the case. Many posts here have been addressed to law firms encouraging them to find real ways to learn and show appreciation for (mainly in terms of respect) the value of their paralegals as members of the legal team. I suspect, however, that since this is a “paralegal” blog (although not written by a paralegal) few attorneys ever hear my calls and I end up “preaching to the choir.” For those attorneys who do read this blog, please do also “A Message From the  Boss.” It could help keep you from being in that boss’s position.  It is true: all too often we do not know what we’ve got until it’s gone – (Sorry Counting Crows fans, Joni’s version is still the best.!)


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