More Consequences of Sloppiness

From “Lowering the Bar:”

JP Morgan won a case this week in which it had been sued by a trader who said his contract promised him 24 million rand per year (US $3.1 million). In yet another example of Why Typos Matter, the contract was missing a decimal point between the “2” and the “4.” JP Morgan said the trader knew this was a mistake, but signed the new contract anyway, hoping to try his luck with a lawsuit. On Monday, a judge agreed and ordered plaintiff to pay £80,000 in costs (no decimal point).

While this case turned out OK despite the typo, the fact of the matter is that the entire court suit could have been avoided if the mistake had not been made in the first place. Yes, this case is from the UK it could just as easily happen here! Therefore, it has earned a spot in our “Consequences of Sloppiness” category!

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