Paralegals Dating Lawyers

Some of the search queries bringing viewer to this site relate to paralegal and attorney dating. There are a number of online resources on “dealing with office romances” which apply well to law office relationships, but I’ll limit this post to this cautionary tale abridged from today’s news:

A love triangle has spilled into the streets of Vinton involving two lawyers and a paralegal. It’s a public spat playing out amid claims of stalking, assault, threatening phone calls and a cat fight in the middle of the street.

Ann Marie Miller just got out of jail on bond, having spent the last two nights accused of felony breaking and entering and assault.
Monday night she went to Jeff Kessler’s home on Shelbourne Avenue, not expecting to encounter Jennifer Kelley.Kelley says Miller assaulted her, forcing her way inside.”I don’t know why she has behaved inappropriately. I personally would someday like to be friends with her someday again. I don’t see that happening,” says Jeff Kessler.

Ann Marie Miller and Jeff Kessler are former partners, law partners and partners in love.The relationship soured in May, the day Miller learned Kessler had not only been seeing someone else, he’d married Kelley.

It is noteworthy, I suppose, that Kessler felt Miller should behave professionally (“I don’t know why she has behaved inappropriately”) even under these circumstances!

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