Managing Mobile Technology Risks

Two posts in a recent edition of News , directed at lawyers, seem of equal importance to paralegals. Apparently Mark Hansen has been attending the ABA Techshow as he reports on two presentations whose initial lines seem to be contradictory: “Hot Topic: Keeping Data Secure at the Coffee Shop” that warns “freedom to access the Internet practically whenever and wherever we want carries risks from thieves, hackers and nosy neighbors—a possible ethical violations of client privacy” and “Don’t Let Fear Block Your Mobile Versatility” that states, “lawyers can reasonably protect sensitive data by taking a few fairly simple precautions.”

However, the theme is really consistent – and important: The mobility technology on which we are all coming to rely more and more presents great opportunities, but also some risks. The key to take advantage of the opportunities, but take steps to manage the risks. The theme of The Empowered Paralegal: Effective, Efficient, and Professional” is such management. The point is to identify a problem, survey and develop options for resolving the problem or at least managing its effects, deciding on a plan for addressing the problem, implementing the plan, and assessing the results. The principles are applied to time, work space, workload, client, attorney, and litigation management, but can – and should – be applied to management of the use and risks of that use of technology, especially mobile technology. Perhaps I’ll cover the topic in the next edition, but since a new edition is not even in the works at the moment, take a few minutes to read the ABAJournal.composts by clicking the links above.

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