Melissa Moves On

Melissa of Paralegalese, one of my favorite paralegal bloggers, last posted in January. At that time she was, as she described i,t “pensive:”

I’ve been reflecting on my career a lot since starting school this past fall. Big life changes are typically followed by reflection, so there is no surprise there. Some of the questions I have been asking myself lately are questions the younger me glossed over, or would have answered with blissful ignorance of the way the real world actually works.

I still love working in the legal field, and I remain proud of my profession and the many wonderful people I get to call colleagues. I have learned so much, and I still crave so much knowledge that I cannot fathom taking any other than the course I chose for my career several years ago. But being back in school has broadened my network. I am associating with successful people from all sorts of fields, and I’m learning that my education could take me almost anywhere I want to go… should I choose to go there.

Recently, Melissa updated her LinkedIn profile indicating that she had in fact moved on! While this is likely best for Melissa and I wish her the best in her new career, it is a loss to the paralegal profession.

Coincidentally, Steven Dayton, the Director of Paralegal Studies at Fullerton College, posted on the AAfPE listserv this list of careers for those with a paralegal degree who might not want to do traditional paralegal degree. (Dr. Dayton does not claim credit for creating the list, but can no longer remember from whom he received – a position I find myself in more and more these days!)

Administrative Assistant

Bar association administrator
Billing professional
Claims adjuster, administrator, appraiser, examiner and investigator
Compliance and enforcement inspector
Compliance officer
Computer consultant
Conflicts analyst or specialist
Contracts administrator
Corporate trainer
Corrections officer
Court clerk
Court interpreter
Court reporter
Design/developer of trial visual aids
Editor for a legal or business publisher
Equal employment opportunity specialist
Evidence technician
Fingerprint technician
Grant writer
Judicial assistant
Jury consultant
Law librarian
Law clerk
Legal analyst
Legal secretary
Legal software representative
Legislative analyst
Loan closing coordinator
Loan interviewer and clerk
Mortgage processor
Municipal clerk
Occupational health and safety specialist and technician
Paralegal instructor
Parole officer
Patent database administrator
Probation officer
Property manager
Real estate agent, broker or assistant
Risk management technician
Securities analyst
Securities compliance officer
Small business owner
Tax Preparer
Technical Writer
Title examiner, abstractor and researcher
Title insurance administrative assistant
Trial court coordinator
Trust officer
Victim or witness advocate for county district attorney’s office or U.S. Attorney’s office
Virtual Assistant
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