To Peek or Not to Peek / To Complain or Not to Complain posts today about a paralegal that was mistakenly given a part-time attorney’s paycheck and was shocked to see the attorney was paid more than the paralegal. The post entitled, “Paralegal Peeks at Part-Time Lawyer’s Check, Takes Pay Peeve to Advice Columnist
was posted by Debra Cassens Weiss, reports that the paralegal then wrote to the “Ask Amy” advice column to complain about pay inequity saying,
“I’ve made a lot of money for the firm. Because of all my hard work, the firm has hired two new attorneys (one is part-time). By accident my manager gave me the part-time attorney’s paycheck, and I was floored. She makes way more than I do!”

Weiss states:

Ask Amy replies that it’s possible the firm’s success is due to more than just the paralegal’s efforts, and it’s the marketplace that determines worth. “You are comparing apples to wheelbarrows,” the columnist writes.

She says the paralegal should negotiate for more money by getting a job offer from another firm and leveraging it into more money from the present employer.

Some of the commentors to the post think the last piece of advice is not good. What do you think? Once the paralegal realized the check was not hers, should she have “peeked” at the amount as is implied by the post’s title? Was it a good idea to air her concern in the “Ask Amy” column? Where else could/should she have gone for advice? What advice would you give her?

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