I Guess I Should Learn to Tweet!

From time to time I get emails informing me this blog has been chosen as a “top blog” by an organization or website, usually offering a badge to post on the site that links back to their site. Having grown up with a certain disdain for badges. I usually ignore them. But today Chere Estrin paid attention to one, so I figured I should also.

This one is from a website called “Paralegal411.” It does have some useful information, although I have grounds to quibble since the University of Mississippi paralegal program is not on its list of top paralegal programs. Of course even the Princeton Review, Forbes, and U.S. News and World Report‘s rankings of colleges are often challenged based on the criteria used by those organizations. I did not locate “Paralegal411’s” criteria for ranking programs. It does mention the ABA Approval list, but not the AAfPE Institutional Member list. (I’ve posted elsewhere on the advisability of relying solely on the ABA list.) Yet, the site itself cannot rely solely on the ABA list because (1) it names only a few schools and the ABA list has a lot of schools, and (2) the list includes George Washington University which is not on the list, noting that “The Georgetown paralegal program is approved by the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE), the International Paralegal Manager’s Association (IPMA), and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA).”

In any case, I could find the criteria for including blogs. Basically it’s a matter of popularity based on the number of pages linking to the blog and – here is my downfall – the number of Twitter followers. I don’t Tweet, so I lose points. So I guess I should learn to tweet. (And I should learn whether “tweet” is capitalized or not.) I haven’t basically because I haven’t figured out how to say anything really meaningful in 140 characters. As you can see from this post and the others on the blog, I can be pretty long-winded. It may be my age (61). But also I’ve never figured out what I would tweet that anyone would want to “follow” or why people “follow” tweets like “Why am I awake?” today’s tweet from the #4 blog on the list.

Despite this “Paralegal411” basically gets it right. The top three blogs are from Lynne DeVenny, who has recently ridden paralegal fashion to the top (I’m not much of a fashion buff. At the moment I’m just happy I get to stop wearing the outfit in the picture even though I had to become a cyborg to do it,) Chere Estrin, and Vicki Voison, blogs on my own RSS feed and the subject of frequent mention here. Number 4 is Haley Lobs Law Bomb, a blog I had never read before but will be adding to my Paralegal/Legal blogroll along with Paralegal Illuminati today so you can.

If there is a problem with the list, it’s that it contains some blogs on which there been no activity for several months. For example, I recently removed “Paralegal Hell” from my blogroll because there have been no posts since last December. Melissa H. (now Melissa K.) of “Paralegalese” not only stopped posting in May, has quite regrettably for the profession left the paralegal profession. I’ve kept the link to her blog anyway because much of what is there is quite helpful.

Be that as it may, I’m giving in. It’ll probably take some time, but I’ve resolved to learn to Tweet. Maybe over the winter break. The only problem will be the embarrassment that could arise if on next year’s list, I’m still losing points because while I’m tweeting, no one is following!

Oh, and here’s my badge: paralegal schools

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  • Robert, I guess I should learn to read my email, because I didn’t even open this one. Once in a while we get notified of being in the Top 25 Paralegal Blogs of something – and I know that there really aren’t even 25 active blogs for paralegals 😮

    Someone asked me the other day what happened to the paralegal news I used to cover (with great humor and verve I hope…lol). I’d spend hours and hours each week blogging about news and technology, fantasizing I was a citizen journalist, dissed by the ABA Journal Top 100 Blog nominations every year as a non-lawyer, and then I’d show up to CLEs and presentations, and peeps would want to know what career style blogs I followed, where the best thrift stores in the area were located, and how much my outfit cost! So few legal professionals ever commented on my posts until I switched to covering career dressing on a budget, which I actually started when some paralegal students would tell me they didn’t think they could afford interview suits or a nice work wardrobe. I quickly made a wider circle of like-minded friends with the change in focus. I still enjoy sharing day in the life of a paralegal stories when appropriate, but I leave the news coverage up to you, The Paralegal Society, The Paralegal Mentor, and others. I do think that if paralegals would like to see more paralegal blogs, they need to read and support them.

  • Jai D says:

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