NYCPA Annual Membership Appreciation Dinner

Just back from a lovely Christmas trip, but although my body is in the seat, my mind continues to be elsewhere, so I’m filling the time by wandering aimlessly through emails, blogs posts, Paralegal Reporter the like rather than put any real effort into creativity of my own. First up is a notice from the New York City Paralegal Association, perhaps the best local paralegal association in the country* (I’m willing to entertain contrary opinions on this), of its 2013 Membership Appreciation Dinner. The event features  “<span “two distinguished guest-speakers, William J. Mulkeen, JD and Professor Thomas Goldman,” who will speak on “”Paralegalism: Is this as good as it gets?”

I like in particular the notice’s statement of whom the dinner is for:

This event is all about you, our members who joined and renewed their membership in 2012 and about you, who are considering joining the NYCPA in 2013. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a member of our Association and want you to know that your input can make a difference! Join the NYCPA and invite your colleagues and others from your network.

During the Award Ceremony, we will recognize members who contributed the most into NYCPA, our sponsors and supporters. We are also looking forward to award a scholarship to a winner of our scholarship contest. Will it be you?

The dinner is

The Grand Salon
3 West Club
3 West 51
st Street
New York, New York 10019
6:00-9:00 PM
For more information and to register click here.

*In the interest of full disclosure I am on the NYCPA Advisory Board, although they seem to be doing quite well without any advice from me.

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