Answers to Questions on Books

1. Yes, there is a Kindle edition of The Empowered Paralegal: Effective, Efficient, and Professional. Not for the other two yet though.

2. I didn’t let those of you who had requested to be kept posted about the Kindle version know because I didn’t know until a reader pointed it out to me. This sort of thing is handled by the publisher, Carolina Academic Press, with whom I have been pleased to have worked since 2009.

3. I am not currently planning a new edition of TEP: Effective, Efficient, and Professional. Most of the materials covered in the book do not require frequent updating, although I do have some thoughts on the integration of discussion of new technologies, social networks, and the like into the discussion. If you are concerned about getting the present edition only to have it superseded in a few months, don’t be. If you think there should be a new edition, please let me know what you would want changed, expanded upon, added, etc.

4. I’m am presently working on Instructor Materials for TEP: Working with the Elder Client and a new book, The Empowered Paralegal Cause of Action Handbook. The latter was indeed delayed due to some health issues, but I seem to be back on track now.

5. I don’t know why only one reader has done a review on I’m told that such reviews can be helpful on the Amazon end of things, so I encourage any of you who might be thinking about it to write a review of any of the books. However, my real interest is in your comments that might be helpful for improving future editions, future books, and/or future posts to this blog.

6. I have not looked into mugs and the like bearing the TEP logo. Thanks for the suggestion.

My thanks to all those who have emailed me!

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