NY State Paralegal Day?

Several states now have special days recognizing the contributions of paralegals to the legal system and the public. I do not have a complete list (if your state has one please let me know,) but have posted about Pennsylvania’s and Washington’s Paralegal Week, and Paralegal Day proclamations in Ohio and Mississippi. New York state has had paralegal days in the past, but apparently it’s a year-to-year sort of thing. If you are from New York you can now assist the Empire State Alliance of Paralegal Associations in establishing a 2013 paralegal recognition day, according to this announcement in the NYCPA’s Paralegal Buzz newsletter:

Do you want to showcase the support of your law firm, business or employer in a significant way to the New York State Legal Community? Then consider supporting the Empire State Alliance of Paralegal Associations by joining us to obtain a proclamation for Paralegal Day for paralegals in New York State.

For more details on how to be listed as a supporter please visit www.empirestateparalegals.org and click on “News and Events” to see how your firm or business can be featured on the proclamation that will be signed by Governor Cuomo.

If you have any questions please contact Cynthia Bynum @ 347-974-2874 or via email esapaprimary@nyc-pa.org.

I do hope you will join Cynthia, NYCPA, and ESAPA in this effort. While proclamations such as these may seem trite to some, they are one step in building “self-esteem” for the profession and greater awareness among the public of the essential role paralegals play in our legal system.

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