Why Society Needs More Paralegal Practitioners

The article from which I stole the title for this post is actually about Tanzania, but it seems to me a lot (but not all) of that article could and should apply to paralegals here in the U.S.:

“WHO are paralegals?” A youth was overheard asking a woman with whom they were engaged in a conversation.Truly, just like this youth, there could be many Tanzanians who have no who the paralegals are and what could be their role in society.

The paralegals are not educated lawyers, but have received training on human and legal rights. They help communities and individuals in need of legal assistance.

Their unique talent and knowledge, received outside the conventional education systems, contribute immensely to relieve many people who have been trapped in legal problems.

Paralegals are persons trained in basic legal skills, including, problem solving, counseling and statement taking. In essence, they provide first aid legal to those in need of such a service. A paralegal is sometimes described as a non-lawyer person who performs tasks which require some knowledge of law services and procedures. In most cases, paralegals perform their duties within lower section of the community, for instance, at district, ward, village and family levels.

Here’s the link to the article which goes on to provide an interesting description of the history and present status of paralegals in Tanzania.

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