PANH Celebrates 30th

From my old stomping grounds (northern New England) comes this:

The Paralegal Association of New Hampshire will celebrate 30 years of service to the paralegal community during its annual meeting at the Bedford Village Inn on Friday, Sept. 20.

The keynote speaker will be New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster…

The third week of September traditionally has been declared Paralegal Week by the governor of New Hampshire, and PANH schedules its annual meeting during this period.

The fact that PANH continues to not only survive, but strive speaks for itself. Here’s what the New Hampshire Bar Association has to say anyway:

“The purpose of the governor’s proclamation is to remind employers to recognize the contributions and the dedication of their paralegals,” according to the New Hampshire Bar Association. “In busy work environments, people tend to take for granted the hard work done by paralegals. These professionals assist in providing high-quality legal representation to clients by ensuring accurate work content and making other overall contributions to the legal team.”

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