While paralegals and lawyers in the Ontario, Canada, Law Society sometimes clash and some misgivings about the involvement of the Law Society in the regulation of paralegals, a recent assessment by the Ontario Attorney General concludes that overall the new system is working well. Now the Attorney General has introduced a bill to increase the number of paralegals on the governing body. MarketWired.com reports:

Today, [October 1, 2013] Attorney General John Gerretsen introduced amendments to the Law Society Act that, if passed, will enhance access to justice and the effectiveness of Law Society governance by increasing the number of elected paralegal directors on the Law Society board.

“We are grateful to the Attorney General for his commitment to furthering the development of the paralegal profession,” says Law Society Treasurer Thomas Conway. “This is important for both the protection of the public and access to justice.”

Currently, five paralegals are elected by licensed paralegals, as members of the Paralegal Standing Committee. Two of the five are elected as benchers (directors), who fully participate in and vote at Convocation, the meeting of the Law Society’s board. The amendments to the Law Society Act will see all five paralegals elected as benchers.

The article also notes that The Law Society  regulates over 5,000 paralegals practicing principally in Small Claims Court, traffic and other provincial offenses, landlord-tenant and various other tribunals, and minor matters under the Criminal Code.

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