You May Not Be Lawyers, But You Are Professionals

I don’t normally so blatantly based the title of my post on the title of another person’s article, but this time it seems appropriate.  Mianne on the NFPA LinkedIn discussion board posted a link to an article on from the Legal Technology News page on law. com entitled, “We May Not Be Lawyers, But We Are Professionals” by Jeffrey Brandt.

I’m going to sign-on to most of what Jeffry says and suggest you read the entire post. Here are two parts that I found particularly well stated,

But last time I looked, in addition to the lawyers, law firms required technologists, Help Desk staff, library specialists and researchers, litigation support teams, marketing personnel, financial experts, paralegals, secretaries, human resource staff, and other administrative experts in order to run. Merriam-Webster defines “nonprofessional as “being such only for recreation” or “lacking or showing a lack of expert skill.” It offers up synonyms of amateur and unskilled. It goes on to define professional as “relating to a job that requires special education, training, or skill.”


So here’s a cheer for all the dedicated professionals that work with lawyers day in and day out to ensure their needs are met and that their clients have the best experience possible. We may not be lawyers, but we are professionals.

Of course since paralegals are professionals, the must act as professionals, which is the point of this blog and The Empowered Paralegal series of books.

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    I don’t know if my previous comment was able to be posted or not, so I will resubmit it.

    Great post! For those who are interested in becoming a paralegal, I think your blog is a great start. I would also recommend people read this article about tasks of paralegals, which I think complements this post well. A career in this can certainly be confusing.

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