How to Schedule a Deposition – Checklists

As I’ve noted before, I’m a big fan of checklists and organizational aides. A paralegal professional is well-organized. Checklists can be invaluable assistance in file management, workload management, and docket management – all essential skills for the professional paralegal. I’m especially fond of those posted by Judge Primeaux on the Better Chancery Practice Blog. But today’s helpful aid comes through NFPA LinkedIn Discussion Board from Dawn Houghton. Dawn owns the Michigan reporting service “O’Brien and Bails” which provides a short booklet on how to schedule a deposition together with both a “quick checklist” and a more extensive (and more useful) deposition scheduling worksheet. I haven’t obtain permission to republish any of them here so, I’m just including the link to them.

One word of caution and a disclaimer on this: In order to get to the downloads you have to “sign up,” give your name and email address. This is a common marketing device used to gain a mailing list of potential customers. In most instances when I have signed up in order to see what resources are available, there has been no problem, but sometimes the service provider abuses the email address either by cluttering up my Inbox with way-too-frequent emails or by selling the email address. So the disclaimer is that, while I have every reason to believe that my email address will not be abused by O’Brien and Bails, I only signed up today so I don’t know that for a fact. That disclaimer itself should act as a caution to my readers. My word of caution to providers who abuse emails obtained in this way: My bet is that you lose more customers and goodwill through the abuse than you gain.

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