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During an exchange about my new book Cecil C. Elwell, RP, informed me of her relatively new blog, The Researching Paralegal. Lot’s of good information there already. Here’s one as an example:

Peter Martin’s Introduction to Basic Legal Citation — An ALWD and Bluebook Cheat Sheet

31 Thursday Oct 2013

Posted by Celia C. Elwell, RP in ALWD, Citations, Legal Writing, The Bluebook

ALWD Citation Manual, Bluebook, Legal Information Institute, Peter W. Martin

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (online ed. 2013), by Peter W. Martin, Cornell Legal Information Institute

This guide can be used for both the 4th Edition of the ALWD Citation Manual and the 19th Edition of the Bluebook. CCE

(See also Citing Legally Blog,

I’m adding this blog to my blog roll and RSS feed for sure!

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