‘Justice Index’ Scores States on Access to Justice

The title of this post is lifted from that of Robert Ambrogi’s on his blog, “LawSites: Tracking New and Intriguing Web Sites for the Legal Profession.” It refers to The Justice Index, a new website that provides “a state-by-state scorecard of resources and initiatives designed to ensure that everyone has equal access to the legal system.” It’s interesting stuff. While every state seems to acknowledge the access to justice problem, many  do comparatively little to address it. Over the next few weeks I hope to do a series of posts about the role paralegals can play, do play, or will be playing is resolving the access to justice problem.

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  • Danny Atterbury says:

    I noticed the words next to my name that state “Mail will not be published (Required)” Do those words mean that any disillusionment I express about injustice in the “justice system” will not be published, and the truths I state will be hidden? I am disappointed by the judicial system when I see bias judges deny a pro per defendant the right to employ an attorney for their defense in an unlimited jurisdiction lawsuit brought by two corrupt lawyers out to misappropriate the victim’s life savings. I have observed these types of things many times and I have observed many other unconstitutional violations of virtually indigent pro per litigants rights, and I have not seen this website or any other paralegal website address meaningful access to justice due to violations of a litigant’s right to employ defense counsel, simply because a litigant does not have the money to hire a high powered or super lawyer to rectify and redress the violations on appeal. None of the denials of meaningful access to justice will change if theses things are not discussed, and complained about and being a paralegal or attorney for that matter will be meaningless and an exercise in futility.

    I read a book titled “Character in Crisis,” ©1998, 2005, 2012, that includes some excerpts from statements Mr. Douglas Cox, who worked in the Office of Legal Counsel for Ronald Reagan and George Bush, made. Here is what Mr. Cox stated in the Wall Street Journal, February 2, 1998: “The entire justice system is predicated on the theory that witnesses will tell the truth. Permitting a culture of lying to take root in the justice system would ultimately destroy the system.” Mr. Cox believes a lying culture would ultimately destroy our justice system! That means the nation would collapse into anarchy or worse. The authors of the book, Character in Crisis, also wrote “our leaders, both secular and religious, should be the chief examples and enforcers of the law. That is what unifies the nation. If our leaders are examples in breaking the law, our system of justice must certainly fall apart.”

    The attorneys I wrote about above in the lawsuit where the judge would not permit a female litigant to be represented by a defense attorney she had made arrangements with to represent her at the trial in the lawsuit they filed were lying and in my opinion and several other person’s opinions the judge went along with the lying, and it appears the lying culture Mr. Cox was talking about has already taken root, and whether or not anyone cares, I think this needs to be discussed and hopefully someone will find a solution or a remedy to cure this type of problem. If this website does not want to talk about truth and honesty and right and wrong perhaps I can be referred to a legal or paralegal website that does. Thanks.

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