Should lawyers be nicer to their paralegals?

Above the Law has a nice post by Joe Patrice entitled, “We Should All Be Nicer To Our Paralegals.

Law firms routinely abuse paralegals. You remember the paralegals, right? They’re the fresh-faced youngsters who inexplicably think it might help their future legal career to spend a couple of years compiling binders full of documents that lawyers will look at once and discard. Or most likely forget about and make the paralegal do again four months hence. At least they make overtime when caught in the thresher maw. But other than a slight bump in pay, paralegals don’t get much appreciation for doing all the tasks lawyers would never be caught dead doing at 2:00 a.m.

His comments are followed by a bunch of memes to describe the job of a paralegal compiled by Legal Cheek.

Kudos, Mr. Patrice and Above the Law!

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  • Amir says:

    I definitely think lawyers should be nicer to paralegals. At the least they should show appreciation after those overnighters (take them to lunch , give them a few game tickets the lawyer probably has too many of, etc..). This is regardless if they win or lose their case.

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