Professional Associations

Belonging to a professional association does not make one professional, and certainly one can be professional without belonging to an association. However, there does appear to be significant value in belonging to an association for paralegal professionals. If nothing else, membership can bring a sense of belonging to a profession as opposed to simply having a particular job or career. So I recommend that paralegals not only belong to an professional association but become involved in one or more.
o Be active in a local branch of the association.
o Subscribe to paralegal listservs and participate in discussions.
o Read, learn from and contribute to publications designed for paralegals.
o Become certified by your organization.
o Attend seminars and conference, especially those that include continuing legal education (CLE) credit.

In many instances your law office or other employer may be willing to cover the costs of such activities.

I have posted links to several paralegal professional association websites. If you are aware of others, let me know. You can post a comment or email me at

Your comments on this topic or on particular associations are welcome.

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