Does your attorney understand what you do?

In PARALEGALS AS PROFIT CENTERS : Are You Utilizing Your Paralegals Effectively? , Legal Support Personnel says, “We have found that there tends to be misconceptions in the legal marketplace as to what paralegals can do. As a result, the uncertainty often leads to the underutilization of stellar talent.” Do you agree?

They go on to say,

“What we suggest is that attorneys examine their workload and, where appropriate, delegate substantive responsibilities to their paralegals. Attorneys who utilize their paralegal staff successfully will be rewarded with lower stress levels, quicker turnaround time on projects and a happier department all around. This article highlights what a paralegal can do for your department, explores different practice areas and tasks to which you should assign paralegals and offers some retention advice for keeping your paralegals both happy and motivated within your organization.” Are attorneys open to this kind of information? How is it best presented to them?

Do you feel you have a good understanding of the attorney(s) for whom you work and they of you? What could be done to improve that understanding?

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