The Case of the Credulous Paralegal

ABA posts on a case I’ve been following in the Washington Post:

A credulous paralegal is facing a potential two-and-a-half-year federal prison term after apparently being duped by a convicted child molester into participating in a bizarre alleged scheme to “coerce or fool” the victim into recanting via a faked defamation suit that briefly resulted in a $3 million judgment.

Read the full ABA post here and the Washington Post story here.

Not a lot of comment or commentary on this one. Certainly the professional paralegal manages their clients without becoming involved with them whether that involvement is romantic as discussed in a previous post or entanglement in their life circumstances. The paralegal must remain objective.

There has been a great deal of talk about “empathy” in our judicial system recently. As a paralegal you can, and should, empathize with the client, but do not become attached or involved with the client on a personal basis. This is akin to the concern about biases coloring your ability to remain objective. Similarly, sympathy rather than empathy can make you less than objective.

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