Professional Demeanor posts on article in the National Law Journal giving advice to “older attorneys” looking for a job including “lose the comb-over” and “update the wardrobe.” However, much of it seems to apply to anyone who wants to be professional – even those who already have a job.

The professionals in any office will not “groan or sigh when you sit down or get up,” “avoid outdated expressions, such as referring to a woman as a ‘gal,’ ” make “statements that reminisce such as ‘in my day’ or ‘when I started out.’ ” and “appear cocky or arrogant.” 

The professionals will demonstrate a good attitude as well as  “teamwork, flexibility, innovation and creativity, capacity to learn new things and work in different and changing environments, ability to work long hours and knack for getting along with a variety of people.”

The professionals in the office will be…, well they’ll be professional! We all want to be treated as professionals. In order to get such treatment we have to “walk the walk.”

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