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Judge Nancy Gordon writes in the Catawba Valley Paralegal Association Inc.’s July 2009 Para Sight

The concept of pro bono publico (1) goes way back in our profession. It has long been understood by lawyers that our unique access to the legal system imposes an obligation to help those who are disadvantaged gain access to that system. Arguably, it is our obligation to provide pro bono services, as set forth in the Preamble to our
Code of Ethics,(2) that makes the practice of law a profession and not merely a business.

In addition to the substantial pro bono services provided by individual section members and their law firms, each year the North Carolina Bar Association Family Law Section Council selects a pro bono project that the section collectively supports.


We will also be happy to put you to work in our pro bono outreach project.

It probably seems that I’m going on and on about volunteering both as an opportunity to satisfy ethical obligations and opportunity for networking especially since I just posted on a NYCPA opportunity. And I am, because in most cases these opportunities are rare chances to “double up” – you can do right and do yourself some good at the same time. In this instance, the volunteer opportunity assists both pets and victims of domestic violence while networking with members of the Family Section of the bar.  Paralegals interested in entering or advancing in Family Law may find their next employer on this project. Best of all, it feels good to do good. When you feel good about yourself, it’s easier for the professional in you to stand out.

By the way, the Para Sight also shows some of the other ways that a professional association can benefit the profession and the individual members. This issue contains information about a Bankruptcy CPE presentation to the organization, a monthly community outreach program, a social event, an Employment Law CPE opportunity, resources for paralegals, and more. This association appears to be a very active group.

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