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I am told this is a big deal:

Co-host of ‘The View gets prime-time series

Actress, comedienne and “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd will leap from daytime to prime time to headline her own all-new, multi-camera comedy series “Sherri.”


“Sherri” centers around a newly single mom, paralegal and part-time comedienne/actress who tries to get back into the dating scene and move on with her life after divorcing her cheating husband. Sherri finds solace and support among her girlfriends at the office while juggling her hectic life.

I’m not likely to schedule my week around this or any other TV show. (This one runs while I’m teaching a class, so the students in that class won’t be catching it either.) But it is probably significant that “paralegal” is being recognized as a role in a law office distinguishable enough from the other personnel to become a role for a TV character.

The danger is that many people get their impressions of what law and the legal system are like from TV and those impressions are incorrect. One role paralegals play in the law office is to correct those erroneous impressions. That role will not get easier if the client come into the office with an incorrect preconception of paralegals reinforced by TV.

I’ll be interested in the perceptions of those paralegals who do watch the show. Let me know how accurate a portrayal of paralegals “Sherri” is.

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