Good Person to Know – Melissa H.

Melissa H. at Paralegalese has now done two posts on “Good People to Know,” one regarding probate personnel and another for court clerks. She implies more will be coming in these series. I certainly hope there are. Her points cannot be emphasized enough and she makes them well.

I make knowing and understanding the clerk’s office personnel a good part of every presentation on “Understanding the Court System.” Indeed, knowing them is not enough. A mutually respectful relationship should be the goal. Do not abuse, take advantage of, be dishonest with, be rude to, or look down upon the even the lowliest member of the court house staff. First of all, such conduct is below you has a professional. And there is no doubt that bad court house, probate office, registry of deeds, etc., karma will eventually result in your own misery. As the Buddists say, you make your own heaven and you make your own hell. Following Melissa’s lead in this regard will make your trips to the courthouse, if not heavenly, at least a lot less hellish.

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