“Paralegal…offers free legal advice…”?

I have to assume there is more, or perhaps less, to this story than what WHSV TV in Waynesboro, Virginia, is reporting on its website:

As baby boomers near retirement, many communities will find their senior citizen population doubling in size….

To prepare, a meeting was held Monday to address the issue and make senior citizens aware of available services. It was also to assure residents the elderly community not be overlooked.

Local senior citizens and area businesses gathered to discuss what the Valley has to offer. Augusta Health, Avante Rehabilitation Center and Blue Ridge Legal were in attendance to hand out fliers and discuss their services.

Paralegal Anne See, who offers free legal advice for lower income seniors, discussed her abilities in aiding the elderly.

She says, “Someone might be eligible for Medicaid but having difficulty getting transportation paid by Medicaid. These are the kind of things that we would help them with.” (Emphasis added)

It seems to me that it must be that paralegal Anne See is a paralegal who works at Blue Ridge Legal Services under the supervision of an attorney. If not, there appears to be a significant UPL problem here, unless Virigina has a different UPL standard than that with which I am familiar.  If any of you know the answer, please let us know through a comment or email.

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    I was a defendant in a lawsuit and lost – The plantiff won a judgement – I agreed that I owed her the money – end of case – NO – The plantiff after leaving court called my HR dept and found out who my Manager was and faxed the case papers as well as left a message for him to return her call – what can I do about her atttempt to have me fired is this not called Malicious intent

  • R. E. Mongue says:

    Unfortunately this site cannot be used to give legal advice.

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