Minnesota Paralegal Association Seeks Advice on Award

The NFPA  Linkedin group discussion forum has a post by Lori Boris, President of the Minnesota Paralegal Association, regarding initiation of a Paralegal of the Year award.

The Minnesota Paralegal Association is initiating a Paralegal of the Year award. We are interested to hear about how other associations who have these types of awards handle the judging of the nominations. Did a person or group from your own association do the judging? For instance, with the PACE scholarships, PACE Ambassadors from other associations judged the applications. Our concern is to not have any favoritism shown one way or another by having the judging take place within our own association. Any guidance in this process would be very much appreciated!

 If you can help Lori, please respond to her post or post a comment here. Here’s some other information being sought:

Do you have a sample nomination form that you might be willing to share? When you use a panel, do the judges confer with one another, or do they all score the nominations? Are the nominations scored on a numerical basis, i.e. each judge comes up with a numeric score for each nominee, or is the judgment more subjective?

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